Our Goals

  • Ensure safe, domestic food supplies
  • Ensure that farming and ranching remain economically viable and attract jobs that complement a dynamic agricultural economy
  • Advocate that future development incorporates and pays for infrastructure, such as: roads, sewage systems, reliable water and schools
  • Support growth that is compact and maximizes density within existing city boundaries

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The Valley Citizen

    Eric Caine is a brilliant and talented writer. He has written many columns for the Modesto Bee and is an English Instructor at Merced Junior College. His insightful and common sense approach to our Valley problems is a welcome breath of fresh air for readers who care about sustaining a quality of life for residents in Merced County and the Central Valley of California.

Between Friends / Entre Amigos

    Between Friends/Entre Amigos is dedicated to providing the families of Merced County with information pertinent to everyday life. Their goal is to promote ideas, family values and pride in the family through information while supporting the business community and local organizations.

California Farmlink Website

    California FarmLink works to ensure the future of family farming in California. The future of agricultural production and the viability of productive, diversified, and sustainable farms is far too important to be left to a random process of "marry or inherit". California FarmLink provides a range of services to facilitate a transition from one farmer or landowner to the next generation of farmers.

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